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You may call it a greenhouse, solarium, climate room, sun-space, sun room or any other name, but what we are talking about is a room made with lots of glass.  Planned and built properly, your Sun Room will function brilliantly in all seasons.  Bring more sunlight into your home in the winter, while you maintain a moderate temperature in the summer.  Extend your "outdoor" season in a temperature controlled space filled with the view and feel of nature. 



Perhaps you want to grow plants and/or fruits and vegetables inside.  We have provided glass that was precisely designed for growing rare orchids and we have built sun rooms that let the sun in while keeping Ultra-Violet rays and over-heating out.  Even glass is high-tech in today's world of day-lighting and energy conservation.


We can design and/or build your sun room in a wide range of materials including standard lumber, glue laminated beams and posts, and manufactured steel. 

dsy-blue.jpg IMG_0005.jpg IMG_0011.jpg outside2.jpg

Exterior and interior views of a breakfast room sun-space using standard framing and custom glass and glazing system. 

inside1.jpg outside1.jpg

Exterior and interior views of a Master Bedroom sun-space that was planned and designed into a new home. 


We can fabricate our unique leak-proof capping system from a number of materials, including copper, and in a variety of colors. 

Making an addition look like it was always a part of the house is our goal.  This sun-space was added 20 years after the house was built.

big-ext.jpg big-int.jpg

This beautiful club-house solarium is one of our larger, commercial applications.  The interior view (right) shows a perspective of this gathering spot for the community. 

copper-sunroom.jpg log1.jpg log2.jpg

Yes, there really is glass in there!  Even logs can frame a sun space.  Let your own imagination run loose!  What could you do to bring the outside in to your new or existing home  or business?  Remember that we are here to help you  with design, too.